Thursday, September 13, 2007


Preity cast her vote in Mumbai civic polls

On Feb 1st Mumbai held poll for the corporation. It’s the time for the bollywood actress “Preeti Zinta” to join the mumbaikars to cast her vote. She turned in early to do her democratic duty.

Famous personalities from the tinsel and music world joined Mumbaikars in voting to elect a new civic body in the country's financial and entertainment hub

"I don't think I have come here as a celebrity to make people aware, I think I have come as a normal citizen with my right to vote. If there is problem in the Mumbai roads or garbage everywhere, then I only can solve it by voting and I request everyone to come out and vote today," said, Preeti Zinta, Bollywood actress, after casting her vote.

According to media surveys water, electricity, sanitation, health, roads and better law enforcement are the main concerns of voters.

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